'Growing up' - how to apply shaping?

Silly question, I'm sure, but not finding it in the store page, forum for 'growing up', or 'select a lesson', and not sure of proper way to figure this out..

So I bought 'growing up for genesis' ( https://www.daz3d.com/growing-up-for-genesis )

I create a figure - tried both genesis 8 female and genesis 3 female

I make sure the root node is selected (I also tried select-all and selecting the hip)

I go to shaping->apply and pick a shape (like 10 years old which should show a more drastic effect if its working)

I double click that

Nothing happens

I look through 'parameters'->'actor' for anything that would apply that shape.. not seeing anything

How does one apply one of these purchased shapes?  Where would one normally go to figure that out without bugging people on the forums?  (tried youtube, tried store page, not sure where these instructions are normally stored)


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    That product is for the original Genesis character. It is not compatible with Genesis 2, Genesis 3, or Genesis 8. There are separate Growing Up products for each generation and each gender for Genesis 2,3, and 8. Just search the store for "Growing Up".

    "Bugging people" on the forums is fine. We are happy to help. You can also submit a help request to customer service to ask for help, but the forums are faster and more efficient for general questions like this.

    Edited to add: You can return the Genesis growing up product that you purchased for a full refund, as long as you purchased it within the last 30 days. Then you can purchase the version(s) that you really need to go with the version(s) of Genesis that you plan to use. Alternatively, you can use the Genesis growing up that you purchased, with the original Genesis character, which is free in the Genesis Starter Essentials product. However, if you have been using and purchasing clothing for Genesis 3 and 8, you may not own any clothes for the original Genesis character.

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  • Oh!  I.. I thought it was for 'Genesis' as in all of them not.. oops... *sigh* 

    I'll go ahead and purchase the right one - thank you so much for all the help! :D

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    Happy to help. Remember to ask for a refund on the wrong product. Submit a help request to do that. Customer Service will give you store credit.

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