Okay, stupid question. Where's Render Settings?


So I’m a newbie with a really, Really, REALLY stupid question (sorry).

I’m trying to learn how to render. I know that I’m supposed to be able to go somewhere in Daz3D (Render Settings?) and see a page where I can adjust a slider for the quality of the render from one to four. It even has nifty turtle and hare icons to make the whole business even more idiot-proof.

But, when I hit "render settings," I get a complicated control panel that lacks all of those features.

I have attached a file showing "what I expected" as opposed to "what I got."

Any idea what I'm doing wrong? And any pointers to how I might fix it?

Thanks hugely in advance.


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  • The slider has gone now - the tortoise would be the Render Engien set to 3Delight, the other steps towards Hare are the OpenGL engines. Iray has been added - if you have an nVidia GPU that is supported Iray will be fast, as long as the scene fits into the GPU's memory, but if the scene doesn't fit or there isn't a supported GPU then it will be pretty tortoise-like.

  • Ah ha! That explains things! So the documentation hasn't quite caught up with the release! All is made clear.


    Thanks Mr. Haseltine!




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