Instructions about what each option in the FBX export does?

I am looking at all the options in the FBX exporter but the help function does not work in that panel.

Is there a write up or a description about what each option does? I could try them out on my own, but I really have better things to do than trial by error ;) Thanks!


  • thanks Davegv; although that doc is ancient from what I can tell. The options are not even matching with what the exporter of 2.10 offer.

    Is there a more recent/updated version ? Hard to believe that Daz Studio does not have an updated documentation somewhere (although it must be very nicely hidden :P)

  • Export Options:
    Selected - Export what's selected in the scene vs everything, including what's not selected.
    No Hidden - Do not export hidden items
    Props - Export props whether they're selected or not
    Lights - Export lights you've added to the scene
    Cameras - Export cameras you've added to the scene
    Animations - Export animations that you've applied to each item to be exported 
    Base Figure Pose Only - Export only the base figure pose, no matter the current pose
    Maya Helper Scripts - Scripts which help Maya import the FBX
    Locks - Refer to Edit>Figure>Lock when a figure is selected
    Limits - Retain whatever rotational limits you've set on the figure, so the arms can't twist like a Twizzler
    Morphs - Keep whatever morphs have been applied (Check this box if you want to export Victoria 6 and not Base Genesis 2 Female)

    Export Morph Rules

    0 CTRLVS Export - Export the control elements so the target program has some idea of what the figure is and what it can do.
    Final Anything Bake - If it's applied to the figure, it gets baked into the mesh. This means if you export Victoria 6, you get Victoria 6, not Base Genesis 2 Female

    Output options - various FBX spec revisions, pick the one your target program adheres to, because not all are backwards compatible
    Embed Textures - add them to the FBX file, similar to how 3DS models contain texture data
    Collect Textures to Folder - You want this. Unless you like hunting through your Daz Content/Data/Textures/Artist Name/Figure Name/Textures tree for the diffuse, specular, bump, and trans maps for each body part.
    Merge Diffuse and Opacity textures - For those times when you only need one to do two jobs.
    Merge Clothing into Figure Skeleton - Make clothes a part of the figure, because clothing actually has its own skeleton.
    Convert clothing to Static Geometry - just in case you're making it dynamic elsewhere with weight maps or not at all. It also strips the clothing's skeleton and morph data so you can't tweak the fit later on.
    Allow Degraded Skinning / Scaling- Not sure of the exact definitions, but this thread may hold a clue. They appear to go along with the above clothing options.
    SubD Information - include the subdivision surface information. If you intend to decimate the mesh or to edit certain areas for higher resolution, I don't think you want this shell overlay. I know Poser doesn't like it much.
    Collapse UV tiles - this may refer to stacking identical UV tiles, like one eyeball instead of two, one hand instead of two, etc.

    And yeah, that Docs link is outdated AF.

  • Thanks a lot!!!!

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