Question about getting skin to be greasy/sweaty/shiny looking

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Sup guys. I was gonna post this in the poser forums, but i notice that forum is basically inactive, so i'm posting it here.

I was wondering how you can get skin to realistically have a greasy/sweaty/shiny look to it in poser. The look i'm shooting for is for males, that bodybuilder greasy look, and for females, that oiled skin on the beach look. I have a basic understanding of the material room and using the specular settings/highlights. However, while bringing out the highlights looks ok, it doesn't have that speckled appearance that real greasy/sweaty skin hav, and in some cases it makes the figure look a bit plastic.

I do not know much about the other nodes i can use, like the glossiness etc, maybe that's where i'm supposed to make changes.

I know there's a few people here who have deep understanding of the material room. Hopefully one of you material room guru's can help me out and give me some tips.

I'm using poser pro 2012 and i postwork in photoshop CS5.


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    To get a realistic wet look usually requires a wet skin texture. As you say, there are no drops of sweat if you just change the material settings. I use DS, so I don't know if Poser has a procedural shader for that. I believe there are wet skin textures in the Daz store that should work.

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    There is a great Poser forum over at Renderosity.
    That might be a help to you also. I have posted questions there and they have been answered very quickly.
    Good luck.

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