Spitting Mad!

I just spent money I can ill afford to lose on the Michael 8 and Michael 7 figures only to find out they are not complete characters.  The description includes "2 Anatomical Elements Material Preset" which would lead you to believe that the figure came with the genitals.  I was spitting mad when I discovered that this is not the case.  In fact, I finally found out that you have to spend $135.00 for the Pro Bundle before you get the genitals.  Why can't DAZ just sell the complete figures and not pull the smoke and mirrors ripoff on their customers?  Nowhere on the page does it state that genitals are not included.  I was all set to enjoy the new experience of Daz Studio until this.  You may have just lost me as a user.


  • The base figures have not included the anatomical elements since Michael 2, though I can undrstand how not knowing that the material files reference could appear confusing (they are files to use on the anantomical elements if you have them, so that they match the rest of the body). Fortunately you can open a Sales Support ticket, assuming you purchased within the last 30 days, to request a refund.

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    Keep an eye out for Pro Bundle sales. Once you own the anatomical elements for that generation the mats will work. Example: The Damien Pro Bundle contains Genesis 3 Male Anatomical Elements witch will work with any 7th Generation male (G3M) as long as you have the appropriate mat.

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  • Yes, pro bundles of one sort or another go on sale very often.  Just keep your eyes open,  in a week or three you'll see one of a Genesis 3 or Genesis 8 male character pro bundles on sale (unless its a teen-aged character or younger, they don't provide the anatomical elements in those), and if you miss that one, there'll be another pro bundle on sale in a couple weeks after that.  You might get lucky and find that you're eligable for a steap, steap loyalty discount for having bought one of the listed Genesis 8 characters, and get a pro genesis 3 male bundle NOW for.... what was it, 755off, 85% off, or something?

    See bottom of the page here:


    ...which leads you to here:



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    Or you can go to renderotica and purchase a much better anatomical element addon

  • Or you can go to renderotica and purchase a much better anatomical element addon


  • And.... yeah, there's that.  :D

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    You might want to wait because well I've got an open ticket on the G8M Genitalia because I tested Michael 8, Marc for Michael 8, Lucas 8, Milo for Lucas 8, Tyrone for Darius 8, and albino for Darius 8 and everyone of them had an obvious seam where the geograph joing the hip part of the torso shows quite loudly. Looks like somebody stuck playdough on a Ken doll sort of seam.

    I am using BOSS Lighting Full Half-Right Camera but I guess I should test with Sun & Sky lighting and also good quality HRDI lighting.

    Unless you just want to be obsessive collector but won't actually use them in a render wait because they are broken now.

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    I need to update me post - the DAZ 3D Help Desk gave me instructions to remedy the genitalia seam problem I mentioned - it seems I had an old version of the Genesis 8 Male Starter Essentials and DIM never informed me that those starter essentials needed to be uninstalled, deleted, re-downloaded, and re-installed but once I did that the seams between the genitalia & hips went away.  

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