Error/Warning 'properties\dzenumproperty.cpp(734)'

I have a script loading some H.Materials and Materials files. My object (a book) has 2 Material Surfaces ('Cover' and 'Pages').

If I load an Iray Material (or H.Material) Preset, everything is fine:

var oContentMgr = App.getContentMgr();
oContentMgr.openFile(localPath+"IrayCoverPresetFile.duf", true);
oContentMgr.openFile(localPath+"IrayPagesPresetFile.duf", true);

If I try to load a 3Delight Material (or H.Material) Preset:

var oContentMgr = App.getContentMgr();
oContentMgr.openFile(localPath+"3DelightCoverPresetFile.duf", true);
oContentMgr.openFile(localPath+"3DelightPagesPresetFile.duf", true);

I get an Error/Warnig "properties\dzenumproperty.cpp(734): Index out of range in DzEnumProperty::getItem()" but the file is loaded correctly:

var bFileLoaded = oContentMgr.openFile(localPath+"3DelightPagesPresetFile.duf", true);
print("File loaded:" + bFileLoaded );

returns "true"!

I noticed that the second 'oContentMgr.openFile()' command throws the error/warnig, which reffers to the 2nd matterial surface (pages) of my object.

Does anyone has come across this problem and know any solution? Is it critical for the execution of the script, or can be overlooked?


Thanks in advance!



  • jag11jag11 Posts: 747

    Try recreating the 3DL shader preset, I think someting changed on the geometry after the preset was created.

  • MikeDMikeD Posts: 33
    edited January 6

    No Jag.... It is not the geometry. I have checked it! I found out that the same warning/error is triggered when I try the opposite, too. To apply an Iray material preset with the script, to a prop that has 3Delight shaders in the scene! I have sent it to PA support! They may help!

    Thanks for the suggestion!

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