Aux Viewport Iray Pause?


I've started using the Aux Viewport set to Iray rendering for adjusting lighing before doing a final render. I was hoping that switching  to another tab would pause/stop the render but that does not seem to be the case.

Is there any  way to pause the Iray render so it doens't hog my gpu. For now I just switch back to texture shaded but it would be nice to just stop and restart iray after I adjust the lighting - sort of a (semi) interactive mode.

Michael Grant


  • Nott hat I am aware of, though when you render the preview will be switched off

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    The Aux Viewport and the regular Viewport also use the Render Settings.

    I don't know a way to pause the render, but you can set a the Max Samples to a very low value, depending on your scene and the level of detail you want in the viewport.

    For a simple scene 5 can be enough to see a result.

    The render in these viewports than stops after this number of cycles. This way you can speed up working with Iray in your viewports a lot.

    Just set it back to the value to your need when you start the final render.


    Kind regards, Eagle99

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  • Eagel99

    That's pretty clever. Thanks for the tip. It works like a charm.


    Michael Grant

  • RuphussRuphuss Posts: 2,249

    a  Aux Viewport toggle to render would be very nice to have

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