Knee Braces!

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It surprises me that there hasn't been any knee brace clothing props for characters. At least none that I can see.

I would like to see a knee brace prop, made for either the right or the left. I'd love to see it for M3 (as that's what I want it for and yes, I still use the M3 model), but it'd make sense for it to be available for all other models as well.

What'cha think? :)

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    Check the porn sites. Davo has a pretty good selection of generic straps and suchlike over at Renderotica. You'll have to do some kit bashing

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    I'd be interested in this for Genesis, actually. Not so much for replicating medical prosthetics, but for cybernetic, Borg-like costume attachments, which can conform to all the varieties of body types Genesis can provide. I love the current generation of new armour sets, but a lot of them look like they 'bend' at joints, as though the suits are made out of something flexible. Something with mix-and-match physical, structured joints could give a more convincing mechanised look for robotic (or even cyborg) characters.

    Best one I've seen, so far, is this, which I'm incredibly pleased with:

    But the joints are a little too exposed if you want a character to look like it's created for combat.

    You can, however, add and subtract individual joints to a conventional Genesis figure, if you want to give a character an appearance of having futuristic prosthetics.

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