My GPU isn't used while rendering



  • scyhoce said:

    Has anyone found a way to get the gpu running? 

    Make smaller scenes? The OP's specific problem was having scenes to big for his card. If you're having an issue it could be that or something different. We'd need some information in order to help you.

    Make smaller scene doesn't work , even put only one charactor .Mine two PCs 3080+i9 and 1060+i5 . It will be blank pic when uncheck CPU and leave GPU on . And if check both CPU y GPU, it will only be rendered by CPU alone with very low speed. GPU won't work anyway. Drives all updated to newest . Tried many possible ways just don't work. Losing my mind

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    I know this thread is old, but it gave me valuable info, BUT.... my DAZ 4.12 refuses to use the GPU , a Gforce 2060X with 8G of ram even when I make a tiny 1024 render of just a figure, hair and stool, no background, no environ. It's just riduculous. My drivers are regularly updated as I do gaming and keep the drivers up to date.

    Did anyone actually get theirs to work?

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  • As noted above, the default set up in task manager does not show CUDA activity. However, if the GPU wasn't being used you would see 100% usage of the CPU (assuming you haven't set it to use less) so it looks as if the CPU is ion fact being used - check the Performance tab ands et one of the graphs to show CUDA, or go to the Details tab and enable the correct column by right-click on the headers.

  • Should clear temp files and cache help with this issue?

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    peorthyr said:

    Should clear temp files and cache help with this issue?

    Which issue? 

  • peorthyr said:

    Should clear temp files and cache help with this issue?

    Which issue? If it's just a matter of what Task Manager is reporting then there isn't an issue to fix.

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    I know it depends on the system. This is my task manager while rendering. One drive is only for my screenshots only don't use it for any documents you have been warned.

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