Plugin request - more light tweaks?

Hi busy code-builders,

Say, I'm lacking a possibility that I'd love to have, if it can be done. It has to do with light cones. As you know, spot lights start as an infinitely small point. 

Would there be a possibility to change that? Even if only in the Light Cone effect? It would be great if we could adjust the starting diameter of the light so that, through the angle setting we might even be able to get an inverse cone - or even just a straight beam of a certain diameter.


  • McGuiverMcGuiver Posts: 200

    How about light effects on reflective objects....(as in photo)?

    light effects.jpg
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  • DartanbeckDartanbeck Posts: 13,976


    I was just watching an old (2009) demo on VFX in Lightwave for Battlestar Galactica and the engine fire effect is volumetric light in a cylidrical shape. Made me jealous!

    Not all videos from the series back then seem to be available, but I've made a playlist of those I've found:

    2009 Battlestar VFX in Lightwave

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