Genesis 8 vs 2... [Solved regarding breasts]

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So, while I've had the software for a while (a decade?  hell I have a daz 2 license on my account I think) I seldom played around with it due to time and $$.  That said, I've slowly built up assets, and even got myself a 3 month membership to start.


So here is my question.  I've been messing around with Genesis 2, but I'd like to use Genesis 8 (female), only any time I use it I can't seem to find a 'breast' setting for shaping/sizeing.  The Chest just makes it look lopsided.


Am I looking in the wrong place or does G8 REQUIRE an addon purchase?  (I figured I'd ask now as I'm seeing all sorts of christmas holday specials on the morphing stuff)


Thanks in advance!


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