Windows AVI files don't work: better format?

hrpschrdhrpschrd Posts: 155
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Some of the .avi files I import into PowerPoint 2013 play fine and some don't. I am compressing them to 75% with the Microsoft Video 1 option at 3fps. The files are only 300-400 KB each.

Any suggestions for file formats? Is it possible to make them MP3 or MP4 if that would help?

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  • DUDUDUDU Posts: 1,866

    AVI compressed never work for me in Carrara shaders, I use Uncompressed avi, may be it's the same in PP?.

    MP3 is for the sound only.

  • hrpschrdhrpschrd Posts: 155

    Thanks DUDU! That is the difference. Using uncompressed avi works although much larger files.

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