Monique 8 HD Add-On?

Just a query whether this is in the pipeline, as we have Charlotte 8 HD Add On posted today?




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    Edit: Nevermind, thought it was Monique and Darius. But it was indeed Charlotte.

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  • Same question. Where is Monique 8 HD?
  • Yeah, I hope she shows up soon.


  • It surprises me that she's not out already since she came out before with of the others. Maybe there was some issue with hers that needs fixed.

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    Well, that might explain it.

    I hope if that is the case, it gets fixed soon.




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    I wonder if we will see this now.  :(

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  • Well, Alexandra 8 HD is out, which don't get me wrong, is good...

    Where is Monique 8 HD then??!!!!!!




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    Huh... There really isn't a Monique 8 HD Add-on... ._.

    Have you tried asking Daz about it via ticket?

  • Not really.

    I thought support tickets were for a problem with a product, not reminding them to make one!


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    Yoou can file a ticket and head it Feature request, or something similar.

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