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So..... I just finished reinstalling windows 7 32 bit. I installed poser 2010, now I am trying to install my content. K4 and M4 keep giving me this new error. Error reading INI file c:\program files\common files\daz\dzinstall.ini

I have used these installers many times over the years, I never saw this error before..... It happens right after I choose between daz and poser, and happens no matter which I choose. What is up with that?

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    Some installers will stick if the file isn't there. You can create a blank dzinstall.ini in that location, but you may have to click through a lot of security checks to do so. Alternatively run an older, or newer, installer that will create the file - Emotiguy is known to work (and can be uninstalled afterwards if you didn't want it around).

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    Hmmm yeah, I created a dummy one from a empty text file, it worked. Not sure why I have never had this problem before, these are the only files I ever reinstall, all my content is installed an external hard drive, in a few different runtimes.

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