DAZ Hangs Immediately After UI Load

For over a week I've been unable to use DAZ Studio 4.10 because it hangs immediately after loading the UI. I submitted a support ticket last week and haven't gotten a response. Has anyone else had this issue and been able to resolve it?

I was able to temporarily resolve it with a fresh install of Windows 10. I did that for unrelated reasons but it worked for a day or so after the install and then went back to hanging.

Here are some things I've tried that haven't worked:

  • Wipe DAZ and all associated files off hard drive and reinstall (both manual and with DIM).
  • Update and/or roll back NVidia drivers.
  • Rename the plugin folder (kinda moot with the wipes).

My gut feeling says a Windows update is involved but I'd expect to see boat loads of other people having this same issue. 

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've attached my log.




  • I am having this same issue, my post https://www.daz3d.com/forums/discussion/222056/daz-studio-4-10-goes-not-responding-after-starting#latest . Did you ever fix this or did it resolve itself?
  • Zipper730Zipper730 Posts: 45

    Do you mean that it jamms during the download?  I had that happen to me but it seemed to resolve itself (When I went to the page after clearing all cookies and erasing the history -- I figured it'd prevent computer jams -- I shut the computer down, turned it back on; then went onto the page to attempt another download.  It asked me to sign up and, while I already am signed up, I put everything in and signed in: Everythign downloaded without a hitch, though I'm uncertain why the download was for the 32-bit version, I was running the 64-bit just fine).

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