Underworld/Bloodrayne Costumes For Genesis

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Have been trying to recreate Kate Beckinsale's Selene character, from 'Underworld', but can't quite find any relevant hair for Genesis. Gia would be almost perfect, but the parting in front is completely different. Considered Qamra for a similar wavy look, but there's a 'roll' at the front of the hair which would make it unsuitable, too.


Would be especially nice to have an option to lengthen it if necessary!

Another item I'd like to find for Genesis would something which looks like her Death Dealer corset/catsuit leather armour combination.


And, watching the third film, I was rather impressed with the vampiric stylings for the ancient metal Death Dealer armour. Especially with the viper-like helmet. Looks like someone's already replicated it in 'Skyrim'.


Obviously, an exact copy would be copyrighted, but a multi-gender suit of armour for Genesis with a dark/cruel look would be excellent for vampiric and demonic characters. Supersuit might be able to do something similar for the body, but I'd imagine a helmet like that would be very different.

Another product I'd like to see would be arm-blades along the lines of those worn by Rayne in the 'Bloodrayne' computer games.


Doesn't have to be a replica. Just the concept of lengthy blades which lock back against the arms when not in use. As you can see, they give an interesting 'angelic wings' effect when folded back like that.

Another weapon concept from those games which would be nice to see, would be a wrist-mounted chained harpoon. I could imagine the chain being able to lengthen or shorten, along with morphs to pose it whipping around or shooting forth. Could make for some very dynamic combat images.


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