Dynamic Supersuit Set 4 Hero Accessories??

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hello folk, i have a question about this product : Dynamic Supersuit Set 4 Hero Accessories, its from the shop. at the bottom of the page in the "Additional Information" tab we can read : Compatible 3D Figures : Genesis. But whene im looking in the "What's Included & Features" tab we can see a bunch of Hero Accessories and precisly that one : Full Face Mask M5 Hero (the spider-man looking one).. So, my question is : I assumed M5 is for michael 5. is the M5 hero mask fit on genesis as well? Or do you have any suggestions for that kind of mask who fit on genesis?

Thanks you all!

btw im runing daz studio 4.5 pro 64 bits if the info is needed


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    Edit: ignore my original answer - it's Optitex dynamic clothing so the items will be made to the shape of the character (Michael 5 etc.) and may be baggy or over tight on other characters, though they should conform OK since M5 is a shape for Genesis.

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    thanks a lot

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