OT: RIP Pat DiNizio, lead singer of The Smithereens

Lead singer for the band Smithereens passed away at 62 yrs old.

Many great songs and such a good songwriter. I was fortunate to see them play live a few years ago when they came to my town. Was hoping to get to see them again.


  • I saw them twice. One of my favorite memories is feeling the floor of the club vibrate with the opening bass line of "Blood and Roses"

    I think Pat was an extraordinary song writer and hope his work becomes more appreciated as time rolls on.

    Years ago I subscribed to his personal email list and was blown away at his open invitation to everyone on the list to come to his backyard bash at his home.

    It was a thousand miles away, I would of had to miss work and sleep in my car, therefore I didnt go.

    Now I wish I had.


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