Time limitations?

How many hours a day do you work or play with Bryce, or with any CG program? Just curious about the "time limitation" barrier.

Unless you are very rich and have servants cleaning and housekeeping for you, and maybe a family "trust fund" so you don't have to work a day job, most of us have to squeeze some hours out of each working/cleaning day in which we can be creative.

Then there are "life issues" of various annoying and distracting natures that steal away creative time from us, or even break our spirits for periods of time.




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    Then there are "life issues" of various annoying and distracting natures

    HaHa!!, you mean relatives.smiley

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    Yes, there are various 'life issues' (things like full-time working, volunteering, keeping the house a bit tidy, etc.) as well as a lack of servants that want to work a lot for no money at all. So, I spend between nothing and a few hours per week 3D-ing. No idea, what the average is.

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    "...as well as a lack of servants..." - sigh: such servants are so hard and few between...now where did I leave my wip cheeky Don't worry, Hansmar, I'm just kidding around wink


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    Yes, I was looking for that w(h)ip, but saw that someone used it for 'work (hardly) in progress', so decided to not hit anybody with it! devil

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    Hansmar...I, and others here, know that you meant no offence...it just sounded so funny at the time...I'm a rogue blush


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    It is far too random to pin a number on.  And since some of the time spent rendering can be spent away from the computer, or time spent at the computer installing/organizing content but not actually making art, that would also make it harder to quantify.  I might spend the bulk of an entire weekend plus weeknights crammed in front of the computer working on a project, or I might not touch Bryce for months on end.


  • HoroHoro Posts: 6,129

    "Time is an Illusion" (Arthur Dent, HHG). Many but not all days up to 8 hours. Many houskeeping chores can be done when renders are in progress. There are also long stretches when I do other things than brycing, some of them I enjoy, some of them less so.


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    Playing with Bryce about one to two hours a day in the evening when I get back home after work. In the weekend about 5 to 8 hours a day. While rendering on my main workstation, I am using the others to work on vegetation for a next project. Always got a new picture in my mind. "Time is only worth to the one who takes it"
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    It's Hans Zarkov spending some time with a Bryce sphere.
    What version of Bryce is he using?




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