Is Poser Pro 11 actually better than PP 2014?

Or are there problems it causes with V7 and V6?


I am wondering about the real benefit of getting PP 11.

Any help is welcome.


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    You mean Victoria 6 (V6) & Victoria 7 (V7)? I've heard it does cause some problems but not in a way, at least for V6, that causes any problems for the typical 3D DAZ hobbyist. Even V7 was made possible by a script at Renderosity that converts V7 to a Poser 2014 friendly format. You should ask that question on the Poser forums with many more users that might have used V6 & V7 in Poser 11.

    There are and will be animation creation improvements as will as improvements to there two models, Paul & Pauline, version 2 and other improvements. Also, you will get version 11.1 free, a major update, when it comes out. For $49.95 to get the Pro upgrade from older version of Poser Pro it is a great deal.

    However, you should visit the Smith Micro site yourself and compare Poser Pro 11.1 to older version and other 3D software.

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  • Animation-wise, I personally prefer pp2014 over 2011 because they added the feature for multiple graphs that broke the shortcuts. Now it requires way too many point and clicks just to get it working for starters, but then it also carries with it  Just one of the things that need fixing before I "upgrade".  I need to work fast and 2014 is still the best in my opinion. im just an animator though. I don't really do hi-quality render work or make much use of pre-made props/figures/etc.  Hopefully it gets addressed because I want to use the newer versions.

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