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I'm trying to edit some objects in Bryce, so I'm looking over some tutorials.  But I am  having difficulty figuring out how to remove certain features from objects so they are not visible. (in order to alter the looks of- in this case- a spacecraft; more specifically, the hanger- if that is what it is- that drops down near the center of the craft)  In Daz Studio I might uses the opacity option to remove it.  How do I remove it in Bryce.


Also:  How do I remove the background and export the object to Daz Studio, after doing it?   

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    Click the "U" in the little menu to ungroup the objects.

    Then use the TAB key to cycle through the objects until you get to the one you want, then delete or cut the object.

    My Tab key is the third one down on the left of the keyboard, with the left and right arrows on it, yours may be different depending on the keyboard type.

    When you have finished removing what you want just select all objects again and click the little "G" to group them back together.

    This will only work if the object you want to remove is actually a seperate object to the rest.


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    That worked, thanks!

    I had a little trouble with regrouping, but finally did it.

    I noticed the export-to-daz icon, so that was no problem.   I'd exported objects before, but some time had passed, and I'd forgotten how to do that.   I have some more Bryce products to work on, also, so this willget me started.   

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    Great, thats good to know dash. yes

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