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In the process of creating a motion-comic based in the 'Alien' movie continuity and have been having a lot of fun with creating things for it in Daz - especially using Genesis. But some things still elude me...

1: Practical futuristic female clothing. Everything seems fetish-based for sci-fi females which is made for Genesis! Who would seriously go into dangerous situations with most of their legs and arms exposed? Sexy-looking, maybe, but also woefully impractical and not at all good for representing 'hard' sci-fi or realistic military situations.

2: Colonial Marines. I realise their exact look could be copyright by Fox, but something made for Genesis which is like the lightly armoured look of the Colonial Marines would be excellent. Or even a selection of armoured helmets for Genesis.

3: 'Wrecked' spacecraft sets. Because junked spaceship wreckage would make for some spectacular horror settings if lit well. Especially a truly huge ship. Could have one which is made to be embedded in the ground at a strange angle and another which could be rendered to seem like it had been truly battered and vented its crew into space. Plenty of beautiful spacecraft out there, but let's see some with ripped, twisted metal and damaged hulls.

4: Bulky spacesuits for Genesis. The sleek, skin-tight look has come into vogue, but what about something like the Nostromo crew wore? Bulky and industrial, but fully sealed against vacuum? Could have two different versions; one suitable for space and the other looking more appropriate for deep sea diving.

5: Cocoon resin and slime. Have found some Giger-themed environments, but would love a selection of generic corridor walls, floors and ceilings, which have practical 'gunk' modelled upon the surfaces. A human figure could then be 'sunk' into them, posed however the user pleases, to look like they've been cocooned by some inhuman monstrosity.

6: Insectoid/arachnid figures for Genesis. Ideas with pincers, mandibles and an exoskeletal look.

7: 'Bursting' attachments. Props which can be attached to a human figure (preferably chest, but could be anywhere, including limbs), to make it seem like something is about to erupt from inside of them. Can be be great to simulate alien parasites, horrific diseases or genetic mutations.

8: Something like the 'Four Arms' product, but for arachnid-like limbs or tendrils, perhaps coming out of the figure's back.

9: Pilot costumes for Genesis, complete with breathing mask, visor, G-suit and so on. Modern and futuristic versions.


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    Regarding attachments, I know there's a neural implant on ShareCG:!-for-V4. For other stuff, I'll be working on this and I'll let you know once I find them.

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    I would love to see some of this. Would also love a 'crew cabin' for the characters to bunk down.

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    Interesting! Since it's just an attachment, that looks like it would render on a genesis figure without any problem.

    Very interested in Giger-like biomechanical looks, right now. I'd think that someone could render something like Sil, from 'Species', on Genesis without much in the way of problems. The hair would need to be an attachment, since it's effectively lots of prehensile tendrils, but the rest would be fine.

    And, yes, I purchased the 'Gigaliens'. :) Not meant for Genesis, but the skin gave some interesting results. Using Swidhelm's model for the actual creature's, presently.

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