Triangular Mesh in Bryce Models?

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I was digging around in my Runtime the other day and discovered that I had bought this:    It comes with all the parts as OBJs and since I don't use Bryce that much, I decided they'd be useful as props.  I've started loading them into Poser and saving them off.  At some point, I got curious about the underlying mesh and switched to wireframe.  I was totally surprised to see all the triangular shaped faces on them, even large flat circular spaces and square objects.  All divided into triangles. I'm used to seeing rectangles and pie shaped parts.  The little bit that I've learned about modeling is that they always say to stay away from triangles and multi-gons.  However, when I've looked at the mesh for dynamic cloth, it's usually divided into a triangular mesh.  So my question is whether there's a purpose for this type mesh in Byrce (as related to the Space Station Construction Kit, not dynamic cloth, obviously).  I know Bryce can do some seriously cool stuff out-of-the-box with its materials and thought maybe this kind of mesh lends itself that that.  Just curious...

Attached files are a couple of the Space Station parts and a couple of random greebles. I'm used to seeing models more like the greebles.

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Space Station Object.jpg
614 x 742 - 57K
Space Station Rect Object.jpg
1213 x 782 - 257K
Poser Greeble Block.jpg
1295 x 783 - 167K
Greeble Widget.jpg
501 x 435 - 42K
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    This shouldn't concern you much. Some modelers work with tris and other with quads. Which one is better is a question of who you ask. Bryce can import OBJ-files whether they are made of tris or quads (no need to have Poser in between). I have Distopia which has triangle wireframes as some of Stonemasons buildings, the Greeble City Blocks I checked have quadratic wireframes.

  • Thanks Horo. I thought Bryce might treat them differently. I'll play around and see what happens.

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