3D Render fun Challenge - in Carrara

As mentioned in this thread by Philemo here is a fun render thread in which you download and use one or all of the freebie models on 3Drender and import into Carrara and create a scene(s) with it..

You will need to use your retexturing skills and scene setup skills to get a render out and posted..

The object of this thread is to have fun and learn new skills in Carrara so any questions just ask and hopefully it will be answered.

Render as many of them as you can with your own twist/subject matter. Postwork to your hearts content..

There are no prizes just heaps of kudos from everyone.. and have fun creating your scene..

Join in and do your render stuff... I'll kick start with the spaghetti & meatballs model..

if you know of a freebie model that just needs to be downloaded and rendered in Carrara post your link to the file and challenge us all cool 

Do Your Thing!

On Top of Spaghetti


  • Diomede_CarraraDiomede_Carrara Posts: 8,275
    edited December 2017

    Looks like fun.  I can't render a full scene right now, but I will join in as soon as I can.  yes

    EDIT:  Great frek'n start!!!!!

    EDIT II: back in rendering business.  Will have a look tomorrow for free models.

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  • DartanbeckDartanbeck Posts: 13,976
    Diomede said:

    Great frek'n start!!!!!

    Agreed! Love that render! yes

  • add a bit of smelly cheese - nice and kreepy Stezzamas

    I downloaded the king's jewels or whatevr last night but was interrupted by dinner....

    will post something later :)

    happy friday

  • Stezza_Carrara9Stezza_Carrara9 Posts: 3,978
    edited December 2017

    I downloaded the Natural History set and rendered it out today... used Loreno & Loretta with Phil's city people and added a pelican skeleton...

    and what is that mysterious monk doing!

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  • I rendered the train from 3dRender using my own train station I modeled a while ago..

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