DAZ Studio 4: Adding bones, Animation and Smart Content to imports?

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I've not been able to figure this out. I've imported an OBJ, but, do I need to convert a file into a special format before I can animate? And how do you add Smart Content, to an OBJ imported from Blender?



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    you need to rig it using the content creation tools.
    do not ask me how though, I do not know (at least in Studio,I can in Carrara but that does not work in studio)
    I am too lazy to find out, I just buy nice ready rigged stuff!
    there are various videos and tutorials inc one in the store by Blondie
    try searching content creation tools or CCT, if you do Google search add archive after forum for any URL's linking to the old forum.
    help in studio will give you some links too.

    I am only replying because your username amused me!
    next thing the noobs will be calling themselves "Moderator" or "tutor" or why not just go for "knowitall!"
    (I kinda want that one now!!)

    I am a certified smartarse btw (not certified by Daz, just my peers)
    was actilually hoping seeing the name an easy way was being posted by someone!!! :roll:

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    here is the link to Blondie's PDF in the store
    (that is what I would buy if I ever felt like learning)
    some nice people might post other links of free tutorials etc, they are around if you want to Google a lot!

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    Thanks for the info! :cheese:

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