[Solved] Active Property in Parameters Pane

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I currently have a custom Property list control. Which enables me to pick a property which is then available to my other plugin's functionality.

However my custom Property list control lacks grouping and filtering. Thus can be very laborious to use to pick a particular property. Its action and style of use is also not in accord with the rest of the standard DAZ application.

I would like to simply use the Property in the Parameters Pane instead of my custom list control. 

The 4.5 SDK does not appear to have a way to get the current Property from the Parameters Pane.

The Property's 'labelChanged' signal is triggered when the label is changed in the Parameters Pane, but the Property's 'selectionStateChanged' signal is not triggered when the mouse is moved over a property in the Parameters Pane.

How can the current/highlighted Property from the Parameters Pane be obtained?

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