M5 Benjamin skin

DesouzaDesouza Posts: 25
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Are there items sold separately to provide M5 Benjamin genital region surfaces that match the Benjamin body skin and hair? If so, what are the specific products for sale in the DAZ 3D store?


  • Richard HaseltineRichard Haseltine Posts: 91,939
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    If there are no genital maps with the product there aren't any at all, I'm afraid.

  • Male-M3diaMale-M3dia Posts: 3,577
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    Our M5 version of Tyrese uses the same photo reference, and includes the genital textures as well. It's currently in testing.

  • DesouzaDesouza Posts: 25
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    I am puzzled as to why DAZ 3D would sell Michael 5 without all the necessary files to produce a fully realistic African American male character complete with genitals and all necessary skin/hair textures.

    I would like to purchase your product as soon as it becomes available.

    Please let me know. Thanks.

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