Hi everybody

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Brand new.

New to 3D, new to most graphics software, new, new, new.

These forums actually seem helpful so that's good. I just got the Daz 3D for free so that's great.

Is this finally going to be my chance to learn to make computer art and animation? I hope so...

Every other program I have tried, I've quit. It's like running your first marathon and both feet are tied together. You ask for help and they say "just run" and take off. Or they answer with trigonometry equations.

(Why aren't more visual programs visually intuitive?)

Hi! Hope this one sticks. Fingers crossed.

PS is there any way to change my user name? Thanks.


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    Hello blargyblue, and welcome to the DAZ 3D forums

    You cannot change your username, but if you click on 'Report' for this post, you can ask for a mod to change it (assuming the new name is free)

    I hope you like DS4.5, and if you have any problems, please post in the New Users Forum, there are lots of people there to look after you.

    Enjoy the forums.

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    Thank you so much, JimmyC_2009!

    I'm very excited to begin.

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    Welcome blargyblue

    What software have you tried before that made you give up? Are you computer literate as that helps a lot when learning all this?

    My advice is to start small and work your way up but don't espect instant results as you will have to work hard for some months before you start to see progress. It really is down to attitude when learning this.

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    Jimmy, a person can't report their own posts unfortunately, plus as a report comes to us through the email system it means we all get a copy. and we can't all change forum names.

    However a PM to eirher Richard Haseltine or adamr001 will work. Give them your email address (the one you use to login with) and a couple of choices of screen name (in case the first is already in use) and it will get fixed for you.

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    Welcome to the DAZ forums, and welcome to your latest addiction. :coolsmirk:

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    Ah so nice to have another Nut for this mixed bag of nuts. Welcome to the forums.

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    hey who you calling a nut.... mulls it over... yeah ok I suppose you're right. ;)

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    Thanks so much everybody!

    I will think of some potential user names and do as suggested. Thank you.

    I shouldn't have mentioned other software and don't want to call them out by name, or the forums. My only intent was to praise this one.

    Thank you again so much for the welcome, and for the free software and awesome forums.

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    Hi there-- I'm a little late welcoming you. I was where you are just one year ago or less. It does pay off if you stick with it. Hang in there!

    By the way, what is your main use for Daz Studio 4.5? Just curious :)

    AngB in AZ

    SagaCity Comix
    Serials debuting June 27 here:

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    Hi There! Hope you enjoy this place.

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    Hello everyone i am also new here and it is nice to meet all new at this forum and welcome to both of us guys.

  • Miss BMiss B Posts: 3,068
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    Welcome to you too Cindy. The DAZ forum are a great place to ask questions and get answers. Feel free to post your questions in the New Users Forum, as we have quite a few knowledgeable folks there willing to help.

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    If you ask questions, you'll get answers.
    One thing- there's very few questions that haven't been asked- repeatedly- so be sure you at least READ some of the forums (new users section) as you'll find topics tend to repeat themselves. However, the forum search function doesn't work worth a hill of beans, so if you can't find something, ask. It's not a problem if it's a repeat question because the search feature IS pretty lousy at times.

    Most of all, have fun!

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    Again thanks to everyone who posted to welcome me here - much appreciated!

    I still haven't really begun. I have a hard time even understanding what the tools are for, how to use them, let alone literally HOW to use them (how to create things with each application.)

    I even have a hard time with the forums, Lol...but I do keep track of the sales here and the Creature Creator looks so fun I had to dip my toes back in the water.

    What I want to do is to create mesh figures (avatars) for Second Life (or for other virtual worlds, if possible, too) completely from scratch. I am VERY against any sort of copyright infringements and part of my hesitation has been that the end licenses are murky to me, and I don't want to have to post about each and every thing I buy, so I haven't used any yet...can't mess up if you don't start, right? I have heard about the massive copyright infringement in SL - that's part of the reason I stopped creating using their in game tools since it's nearly impossible to prove you created an avatar using those. However I did recognize my work and it was getting ripped off in there, left and right. At least if I used mesh and painted it too, it would be very easy to spot who was using a ripped avatar I had made. And I could then report it.

    This is because I absolutely love modeling human figures. Love it. That's what I want to do.

    I also would like to eventually use these skills to help with forensic artistry in some way. Maybe I could help find someone missing or put a face on a discovered skeleton. I realize those are vastly different applications but hey we are creative people and I like to think outside the box when I can. :) So why not use it for every creative purpose? If it helps someone, then, it's even better.

    I also would love to make video games but I have no idea how that happens - I only know that I play them and new ones pop up daily so it must not be QUITE as time intensive as I thought? I mean, months to a year, maybe? As opposed to ten years to make a game.

    But my real love is modeling humans...Second Life is where I discovered I'm good at it and I've always drawn and been fascinated by faces and the way everyone is different. (Body types too.)

    Thanks for reading if you're still with me - Ha! Any input and info are welcome!

    Oh and I am a kinetic learner so I looove any intuitive programs in which you don't have to memorize the dashboard of a spaceship but can just push and pull like clay. Anything exist like that??

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