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I've recently installed Bryce 7 pro on my Windows 10 pc. Everything seems to be working OK other than Influence in the  Bryce Light Lab which is greyed out

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you smiley



also... could a moderator explain why my username has changed to joyce.a.smith_b4b3dc2c13? thank you

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    With reference to your user name.   You haven't posted here for a while, and during that time quite a lot of things changed, including the forum software.  We now have 2 different softwares driving the forum and the other side of the site. Before we had been gettin a great many duplicates of usernames as the old software didn't reject them, and we had Gallery user names which were different from Forum user name. So it was changed so that there was only one user name, and this would be the Gallery name.   If you didn't have a Gallery here at the time then a username was generated from email address, and the alphabetti Spaghetti added to avoid the confusion of the duplicate user names.

    You can change your own user name  HERE

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    Looking at the picture your link points to, everything in the Light Lab looks fine. Parallel, Dome and Fill lights are greyed out because you haven't selected any of them in your scene. Create one of those lights (new in Bryce 7.1), the controls will activate.

  • Thank you for the explanation and link Chohole smiley...and you are right I haven't been on the forums for ages.


    Thank you for your reply, Horo, very much appreciated smiley

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