Is there a Tmp file somewhere?

The stupid mistake I made was to open a previously saved file, which was quite full of objects, and I was going to start making a new Boolean object. But so much clutter, so I 'selected all' and 'cleared'. Then as I usually do when starting a new project I clicked 'save', as a new save operates as a 'save as'.

Except I really shouldn't have done that, because it wasn't a new project, and now the old project is gone - all its booleans, special textures ans hours of work.

Please tell me I can get it back, please!


  • ChoholeChohole Posts: 29,104

    I am sorry that I have to tell you that there is AFAIK no way to ressurect your project.   Always remember to label your first instance of a project with a number on it.  so incremental saves will then happen.  It does need that first one to be numbered. Then you can save as  and save the incremental numbers.  And save as regularly so if you do make a mistake as you have just done, then at least you will have an instance of the file which will have the majority of your work..   Unless HD drive space is a problem you can honestly not save as too often, and there is no problem with having several iterations saved.   

  • Thankyou Chohole. I dreaded as much owing to the empty tmp folder.

    Now normally I do use numbers when I'm just messing around in case somehing starts to develop, but when I begin something with a preformed vision I tend to just title it Undersea, or Forestcasle etc, which is why.

    From memory it seems to take less time to di it over than it did the first time, but this one was just so complicated.

    Thanks again! :)

  • S RayS Ray Posts: 184

    It is always a good idea to add a 1 at end or the first project file with new scenes. Also as soon as you reopen the scene or plan to add more objects to the scene, do a save as which will auto add a 2 to the end of the scene name. Then if Bryce crashes you still have the original scene. Also when you want to start adding more objects  or creating new Booleans, simple select none then enter into Solo Mode.  Which will hide all the other objects in the cluttered scene, this makes it so easy to create the new Boolean without the other object visible in the scene. Then after the new Boolean is complete you can go out of solo mode for translating the new Boolean object to the size and position you want it in the scene.

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