Late Victorian/Edwardian clothing and hairstyles (1880 - 1914) for V4 + Genesis

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One thing there's a really serious lack of in the Daz/Poser world is good late-Victorian and Edwardian (NOT steampunk, I'm talking about the authentic stuff) clothing and hairstyles for Victoria 4 and Genesis. There are only a relatively few outfits (Littlefox's Victorian Nurse, Jan19's free The Belle Epoch, Richabri's V4 Victorian Outfit - which is actually lingerie - Daz's Edwardian Boarding Suit) and usually what people wanting Victorian clothing have to do is kitbash from other period and steampunk clothing sets. The hair situation is even worse; I've never yet been able to find a really good hairstyle emulating the "Gibson Girl" hairdo, and have to make do with a number of other hairstyles which, to be blunt, I find to be deficient as authentic representatives of the era.

I'm really tired of having to hunt down and kitbash outfits with my still-somewhat rudimentary skills, and I would really, REALLY love it if somebody would develop, to name just one, an authentic Edwardian-era evening gown outfit with its accessories, along with a real "Gibson Girl" type hairdo with the appropriate ornaments. I would definitely buy such a package, in fact, I'll make that commitment right now. My only stipulation is that it should be made for V4 (since I still do most of my work in V4) as well as Genesis.

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