Anyone know how to alter G3 supersuit?

I am new to this whole deal, and I just want to know how I can go in and change the colors of the G3M supersuit. I've tried going into the color tab, but it keeps the dark grey color as the base and applies the new color over it. I.E.: When I try to make it a vibrant red, it comes out a burgundy/crimson. Any tips?


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    Strangely enough  this months New User Challenge could well give you some hints and tips.

    These monthly challenges are designed as a learning tool to help New Users like yourself get to grips with the various tools and such that are incorporated into your new software.

  • It is not very easy, but can be done once you learn the steps needed in editing the suit.   I figured out not to treat it like clothing, but like skin.  I was able to find help online at youtube.  Here is a link to help out posted by Randall Lloyde. 

    Picture attached took about 30 minutes to create each costume.

    Guardian Bundle for Genesis 3 & Super Bodysuits both add cool stuff to create.

    ​When Daz is open I use the surface selection tool to pick what part of the suits color I want to edit.

    not finished render.jpg
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