Just starting with Daz, need help

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hello fellow daz users my name is john aka caveman ,

I have only downloaded daz 4 pro today , i have installed all the main daz software and have now come to the point where i have to
start adding bundles of software and have no idea where to start , i allready have several bundles of soft ware but just dont know where to start the bundles i have are ,victoria 4.0 pro and 4.2 pro ,the girl 4,and the girl 4 pro bundle witch do install first i have looked for the read mes and they were no help at all


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    John, I have moved your query into the New Users Help Forum.

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    I think you may have doubled up on some stuff. I didn't think there was a V 4 pro bundle and a V4.2 pro bundle, and the Girl 4 comes with the Pro brundle, so you don't need both.
    Daz have a 30 day money back guarantee so if you have bought things you don't need you will be able to return them.

    Can you link to the products you have bought please.

    One very little thing what you are talking about is content rather than software.

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    I tend you install all the bases first. Then install the extras that come with the base. Because some things are needed to install certain things.

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    HI John / Caveman

    Welcome :)

    The Victoria 4.2 Pro bundle and the Girl 4 bundle should include everything you need for those two figures.

    You should install all of your content to your
    User / My Documents / Daz3D / Studio / My Library folder.

    Each of these Bundles is a separate product, so, one isn't reliant on the other.
    But I'd install the V4.2 Pro Bundle first,.. then the Girl 4 Bundle

    One note: As the V4 and girl 4 products were created before the new Daz Studio 4 program, they may not appear in the new "smart content" area, (where genesis appears) ..They can be found and loaded from the "Content Library" in the right hand side of your screen.

    they're normally under Poser Formats / Figures / Daz People.

    Hope it helps :)

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    thank you all for making sense of the mess i got my self into

    :red: onwards to creativity and beyond

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    what did i narf up now ,
    dont know if i did some thing wrong or didnt configure some thing right but none of the plug ins i installed into daz have shown up
    is there an master file list or some thing im supposed to to config in daz or do you have to add every componant seperatly through the import files do hicky

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    I think you may have to rephrase the question. For example what plugin are you looking for?

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    If you mean the content, like Victoria 4, the older items won;t show up in the Smart Content pane. They will show up in the Content Library pane, under Poser>Formats>My Library (assuming My Library is your content folder) in the libraries and folders listed in the readme

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    hi guys ,question 1 where to put witch files files in the content dir or the my libaries
    ie witch files go into studio formats , poser and so on
    what order do i install the bundles in as the files are no numbered or in any order i can figure out

    have installed vic 4.2 and it says it is not a standalone how do remedy this also none of the content shows up in the actors content tab did i miss some thing

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    also genesis does not appear in the actors and clothing tab in studio did i stuff up the install or did i put it in the wrong folder in the dir or libary

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    HI johngoldsworthy1 :)

    Although there's no fixed order for the files to be installed in, there is a Logical order, ..for example:
    The "Base" figure would need to be installed before any additional Morphs or add-ons for the Base figure.

    As for the question of where to install them:
    ALL your products should be directed to your "My Documents \ Daz3D \ My Library ...(Everything goes in there).

    If you have a "Content" folder listed,.,then this is the "Older" form of "My Library", which was used in Daz Studio 3

    Daz Studio 4, can still access this folder and use it's contents, but all your new stuff should be installed into "My Library"

    None of these will show up in the new "Smart content" area.
    They Only appear in the "Content Library" on the Right.
    Look under ( Poser formats Figures Daz People )

    Hope it helps :)

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    genesis does not appear in the actors and clothing tab in studio did i stuff up the install

    Genesis is part of Daz Studio, it installs with the program.
    Q: Does anything show up in the Smart Content panel ?

    If so, then the Content management Service may not be running.

    Genesis Should load into a new Scene by "Default" when you load up Daz studio 4. (does it do that for you) ?

    If other files are there, for example Clothing , Hair and figure Poses,.. But no Genesis figure, then you may need to check what you have selected in the scene. or which tab you have selected in the smart content.

    Smart content is relative to what you have selected, so it will show you clothing if you have a figure selected, and will show you different textures if you have a dress selected.

    Screen captures are always helpful.

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    Hello, I'm Flanny from Italy and I'm new to Daz, too. I have a few questions for you, since I haven't understood something, yet. I'm using Daz with Genesis and Genesis Evolution Body Morphs. I would like to know:

    If I want to create new hairs, dresses and props for my characters, how do I have to do it? I already downloaded also Bryce and Hexagon

    I would like to be able to change more things in my characters details, i.e. position and shape of lips. Do I have to buy other specific bundles, or are there already functions available in the software?

    Can I have more than one character in one scene? And how can I import them? I created 2 character files ("saved as" from the Genesis character I modified) but the "import" function doesn't allow them. Do I have to save the character files in some other different way?

    Is it possible to merge different presets elements? In example, the hair styling of "A" with the hair colours of "B"? And how do I do it?

    If all these things aren't possible, do you suggest me to use another software? I never tried Poser, may it be good for the matters above?

    Thank you in advance for your answers! :-)

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    Are you using 4.0 or 4.5?

    Creating new models requires modelling them, in Hexagon for example, and rigging them. Most people, at least initially, use clothes that others have made though with hexagon and DAZ Studio Pro you have the tools to make the models and to turn them into figures - the thing you lack is some kind of image editor to make the textures that turn flat geometry into something that looks like fabric or hair. I would suggest looking in the Freepozitory forum here for freebies that others have made (make sure they are actual clothes and hair, not a texture set for a set of possibly non-free clothes and hair from elsewhere). Wilmap has a thread with many items of clothing.

    Morphs you can make with Hexagon, using the hexagon Bridge, or in some cases within DAZ Studio using the DFormers. There are also numerous extra morphs available that others have made, free and for sale - again, check the Freepozitory.

    Yes, you can load multiple characters by double clicking the Genesis base figure in the content library - I can't recall what the default behaviour is, since I've changed my preferences, but if that doesn't seem to work (check the Scene pane for new entries if you haven't yet posed the first Genesis) try clicking in an empty area of the viewport to make sure nothing is selected before loading the new Genesis. Saving a character probably saved settings, for the morphs and materials, that will change the current figure rather than a whole figure (though if that was a .dsf file it should load a new figure if you double-click with nothing selected - that's what the basic Genesis file is).

    I'm not quite sure what you mean by mixing different styles - morph (styling) and material (colour) settings for the same hair should mix and match OK, but they will usually be model-specific so you can't usually take a style from hair A and a material from hair B and apply them to hair C.

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