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Hi all,

I have recently done some work with Poser Pro to create this image, a rough promo image for a book I am currently writing entitled Triumviratus

It's a mixture of a Firefly render, sketch render and a Preview render, with the magic and text and shadows added in postwork in Paint Shop Pro.

Products used here that are sold in the DAZ store include:
* Michael 4
* Victoria 4
* Mon Chevalier Hair
* Heart of the Matter
* Celestial Armor
* Princess Gown
* Mystical Touch
* Gabriel Hair
* Coiffure Celeste V4 hair

Also used:
* Xurge3D: Fantasy Ranger for M4
* Renderosity: Light and Magic 2
* Renderosity: Light and Magic 3

For more info:

Thanks for looking.


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    That's very good. I don't know why you'd consider that a "rough" image, I'd be more than happy to call that a finished picture! The problem with this sort of software is that you can always find something to tinker with, a texture here, a slight angle adjustment there, and carry on forever, never calling it done. Sometimes the artist has to know when to stop.

    I also like the blue/white glowing title, it really grabs the attention.

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    Thanks for your comment - I'm really glad you like it.

    You're right - I think this image is just about done, despite the little tweaks that I wouldn't mind making to it. What I mostly meant by 'rough' is that it's an early concept piece of art, and I might junk the design completely in favour of something else tomorrow, which is something I'm renowned for in my little circles

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    Yes, dont start tinkering you will be there a lifetime. :lol:

    Very nice work my friend.......are there any naked ladies in your book???? :-)

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