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Is there a way to import PZ3's into Bryce 7. Or is there a way to import objects so that all the materials go along with the object import? If I had hair I would have pulled it all out a long time ago. I'm 70, older than dirt, please let me know if there's a way to do this, seem's like after all this time there would be a way, I've used Bryce since Bryce 4 and still have never figured out how to do this. Thanks for any and all help!!


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    Only way I know of is to export as obj, then import into Bryce. Materials/shaders may not be as good as you wish and may need a lot of modifications.


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    The PZ3 needs to be exported out of poser, OBJ works best. When import the OBJ into Bryce it will give a dialog to locate the tex maps. If you put all the tex maps in the same folder as the  exported poser obj, they will load on import into Bryce. unfortunately trans and secular maps will not be imported, bump  maps will be set at 0 in material labs and will need alpha channel set-up on them. When you import into Bryce 7 you will get a dialog with 3 options. If you are still on B4 or 5 this dialog is exempt and only material and obj groups are imported. If you use the Material option in B7  all the meshes of the obj will be grouped according to the texture maps applied. Even though you lose the body part names it give you less meshes to contend with when setting up materials in the Material Lab. If you need help setting up material, for tran and other mat channels Let us know.

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  • I load the PZ3 into DAZ Studio and use the Bryxe bridge to send it over to Bryce (which autolads Diffuse and Bump maps) but I'm also usong DS 4.6 and not sure if this works with newer versionsof DS..

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