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Often I would like to save a partial pose, such as a hand, from a larger pose.  This is a lot harder in DS than it ought to be, and the info on forums and from Daz is confusing and often contradictory.  The tutorials I have seen assume that you are starting with your figure in the T position, and only want to save a newly posed part.  Thus, they advise choosing "check modified only."  This works fine if the part you want to save is the only part posed.  But if other parts of your figure are posed, it will *save the whole pose!*  I have tried unchecking everything but the hand I want in the Properties>(CharacterName)>Pose Controls submenu, which seems logical, but it actually does nothing.  The only thing I have found to work is to:  1. select the entire hand  2. lock those nodes  3. zero the entire figure.  4. Save what's left as a pose preset, using "check modified only."  This seems clumsy and laborious.  Isn't there a simpler way to do this?


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    When you save a pose use the pose presets save options (that will open when you save as pose) to uncheck everything but the hand, I do this all the time for arms, hands and expressions,

    and have no problems whatsoever;)

  • Sven, I have been doing that, but when I try to use the saved preset, nothing happens.  Am I missing a step?


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    Sven, I have been doing that, but when I try to use the saved preset, nothing happens.  Am I missing a step?


    Just to be sure, you select your figure first, then doubleclick your preset?

    Do your presets work if you save poses for the whole figure?

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  • Yes, they do work when I save poses for the whole figure.  It's only when I select only a hand to save that they don't work.


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    Not sure Im following your wrokflow but I do partial pose saves all the time like so:

    Select the posed figure.

    Go to file/saveas/pose preset

    Name the pose, save it.

    In the dialogue box that opens I expand the tree until I get to the arm or hand or whatever that I want.

    I uncheck everything before it in the tree, including unchecking the main set of general, hidden, and pose control boxes, then recheck anything that disappears that I need, which happens sometimes because of the way things are nested and my lack of familiarity with the nuts and bolts of the interface. So all checkboxes should be empty until you get to your body part, then it will be yellow check marks and maybe a few grey maybe not, which I think means not everything dependent on that check is selected.

    finish the save.

    This should allow you to apply the new partial pose to any suitable figure without affecting any other part of the figure. If the figure moves or anything else unexpected happens you done messed up somewhere.

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  • The problem is there is a section now called "pose controls" down at bottom that lists the body parts.  If you check these what usually happens is a bunch of 0 values gets written to the file which do nothing.  You need to go into the top section which lists the figure (ie - Genesis 8 Female) and enable the portions of the mesh you want to pose there.  You can uncheck everything (so you don't get any translations, or other items you don't want, then go down and check the parts you do.  You only need to hit the top of the tree if you want everything under it, for example left collar will get the left collar, shoulder...hand. 

    I got caught on that "pose cotrols" issue too.  Took me a day to figure out what was going on.

  • For a partial hand pose, I would save the general pose control for that hand and the hand node in the bone hierarchy.

    If the wirst is not relevant for the pose, I'd select the hand in the hierarchy, expand and deselect the general parameters for translation, rotation, scale, while leaving the rest selected (similarily for feet, I tend to save such poses for shoes).

    PS: saving 0's is good to make sure to erease whatever was already applied to the hand.

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    I figured out how!

    Just uncheck everything, than go under the "Hip" subtree, pick the part you wish to save, than hit OK.

    Remember, do NOT check anything below, eg.  General, Hidden, Pose Controls!

    (I don't really know what the F they do since they will f-up everything! But oh well!)

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