Hexagon 2 Crashing All the time

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I have Hexagon 2.5 and It crashing with easy.

Run XP on a duo core 2 Dell notebook(Latitude D820) 1.666ghz and 3.24gb of ram Video is a Mobile intel 945gm express chipset.

I can't have Vicky4 and move around with out it crashing. If I use a boolean operation Kiss it off.

Any help?


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    I think its the chip set! I don't know how to fix it, but with my old laptop I knew how to duplicate it! I had the same chipset. I have a new computer and hex has been well behaved except when I have a very very very high poly count model in there. That is a sure way to crash it now! Now watch it go all weird on me.

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    That what I was thinking, just need someone else to comfrim it.


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    I just had a similar problem so I have questions for you. Did you save right after the boolean operation? If you did were there any 5 vertice polys? If so, that's why you're crashing. For some reason polys with 5 vertices will crash Hex constantly.

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    Hello kind sirs!

    I make Hexagon crash quite often if using CTRL+Z to undo a lot of actions, especially if using the shortcut in rapid succession.

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