How to send Output ridisplay to window Preview render for Outline (DzScriptedRenderer)


I have reviewed the files to generate the Outline effect, and works well with files
scripts \ support \ DAZ \ ScriptedRenderer \ Outline \ OutlineRenderScript.dsa that come with DAZ.
and help from here.

Renderer.riDisplay( "+" + sPathFile, sDisplay, sOutlineVar + ",alpha", aTokens, aParams );

But, how can I send the output(effect Outline)  to the "window render (preview)" ?, and not to a file.

Try with framebuffer, But it does not work


Renderer.riDisplay("+DAZ Studio", "framebuffer","outline1",aTokens,aParams);	


With the following code I was able to send data to the renderer window, but the image is corrupted.

Renderer.riDisplay("+DAZ Studio", "DAZ 3D/DAZStudio4 Public Build/displays/bitmap.dpy","outline1",aTokens,aParams);


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