Batching updates to node transforms?

Is there any way to apply transforms (pos/rot/scale) to a set of nodes within the scene without triggering a pipeline/geometry refresh/redraw on each node transform apply operation?    I'm experiencing serious slowdowns in a script I'm developing because of this issue -- I have to repeatedly apply transforms to several hundred nodes at once and really only need to refresh the scene at the end of each iteration of those updates.      

I've tried calling DzNode->blockSignals(true) on all nodes before setWSPos/setWSRot, but this has some unintended side effects and doesn't appear to improve performance at all.




  • shoei321shoei321 Posts: 113

    Disregard this question -- the issue proved to be something else entirely.    The slowdowns were due to having some high-vertex count conforming props on the figure in question.    

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