Daz Studio: Categories in a separate pane?

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Categorizing content in Daz Studio would be vastly easier if we could open the "Categories" part of the Content Library in its own pane. That would facilitate drag-and-drop from anywhere in the content library into the various categories, without having to re-navigate to the desired categories or to scroll through long lists to find what you want. What do you think?


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    I think your on to something here.
    I love the DIM, but it still can't get the old stuff in the right place. The new content is pouring in and Genesis seems to have taken up all their compute cycles. I have Library folders that I can't even fathom how they got to where they are, and others that are so perfectly placed, you'd think it was done by an alien intelligence of some sort. Categorizing would be so much simpler if we could get things in order first. But then, it would be simpler still, if could be done Smartly, as you suggest, in it's own Pane.

    Great suggestion!

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