Is there a script to copy the diffuse parameter into ambient?

Is there a script to copy the diffuse parameter (both the image and the color) into the ambient parameter for a selected surface?  It's not hard, but annoying to do manually when there's a zillion materials already in use to search through.


  • HibernatusHibernatus Posts: 15

    Well, I would like a script that copies the bump image to the diffuse channel, as I like to create high-contrast b&w images...

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    This does a lot of things, but includes copying images from one channel to another, even across multiple surfaces and objects. I use this a lot, particularly when changing from one shader to another. I do believe it only does images though, don't think I've looked for a setting for the color.
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  • HibernatusHibernatus Posts: 15

    Thank you so much! That seems to be what I was looking for.

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