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I'm hovering around the SDK, still trying to decide if I should dip my toes in, and had a few questions. 

- For any other widows developers, how do you normally accomodate the Mac users? do you just leave them out and specify that the plug in will only work in windows?

- I read somewhere that you have to have Daz studio 4.5 installed? why is that exactly seeing as how you code and compile in an external program like Visual studio? (I've coded in Delphi for years, but have never written plug ins before, so this is all very new to me. )


  • hphoenixhphoenix Posts: 1,335

    No, you don't have to have DS 4.5 installed.  You do have to install the DS 4.5+ SDK (it has all the libraries and headers you need to compile properly.)

    Windows development code for a plugin will be very close to the same for Mac.  You can even use cross-compilation libraries to build for a Mac on Windows.  However, you cannot test without an actual Mac or a VM.....and even that isn't perfect.  Many plugin developers only develop for one platform.  It is BEST to develop for both, but not everyone has the resources to do so.  Some will work with other plugin developers who have the hardware and have them build the Mac version.


  • Thanks hphoenix. That makes sense.

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