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Gawd... this week has been uuuugly! Thank GOODNESS this place is Back...!

I did a render illustrating how I felt, and I got a few responses on it...


Now that things might go back to normal I'll probably end up working 50 hour days again... go figure...


  • Miss Bad WolfMiss Bad Wolf Posts: 18,619
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    You only have three posts though.
    How do you do a fifty hour day? I have difficulty staying up over eighteen hours or so.

  • shaaeliashaaelia Posts: 613
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    timeturner :D

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    Well, Miss Bad Wolf, our dear wancow's employers contacted the Asgard's through Stargate Command to get a Time Dilation Device. They set the time for fifty hour days compacted in one hour of our own time. I think there was some talk about cost-time benefits or something...

    (Did I forgot to tell I'm a fan og SG-1 / SGA?)

  • wancowwancow Posts: 2,708
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    Did I say 50 hour days? I did... it sure felt like 50 hour days... fortunately things have slowed down and I can focus on things I actually enjoy... like NOT driving (which I do for a living)...

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    Indeed, nice to have some place to fawn all over ourselves. I love the fact that even though the new store is a total disaster, our blissful self-induced euphoria makes it all seem so nice.

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