Daz copyright Question about rigging for V4 methods

Hi, I just watched a tutorial, where the vendor had crafted clothing in a modeling program, and imported it into poser. I'm new to learning rigging and he did something I'd not seen before... He went into poser's set up room with the clothing item selected (poser 2014 pro) and loaded the rig bone setup for V4. I thought that's so much easier and quicker than rigging bones by hand, especially with complicated clothing. He also used poser (still in the set up) room to transfer V4 morphs to the clothing. I am unsure of creating something myself that I might want to sell using this method. I always thought bone rigging had to sort of be done by hand and morphs had to be edited in via a cr2 editor if an item was to be sold to the public. So I guess I'm asking for a little clarification on any copyright problems on creating clothing this way. I know copying a mesh is a serious no-no. Are bone rigging and transfering morphs this way okay or is that only for personal use (not for sale)?


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    as far as I know only the Unimesh fits were allowed, programs like Crossdresser and Morphing clothes could also transfer such morphs but I do recall something about that.

  • Thank you for the response. I was sure whether to post this question here (since it involves poser) or in another catagory (as it involves a Daz copyright question).

  • Using the bones to make an add on, clothing or hair, is fine. It wouldn't be OK to use the bones to create a new stand-alone figure, however. Similarly, unless it's a merchant resource set used in accordance with the specific terms of the MR, it isn't OK to take the bones from one piece of clothing by another person to create another.

    Similarly, you can create morphs in your add-on but you can't take the Daz (or other) moprhs into a stand-alone item.

  • Thank you Richard, much appreciated

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