Create Object Node with selectable surfaces.

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I am working on a small plugin on Daz 3d studio. I am stuck with a problem. The problem can be summarized as follows. Lets us create a cube with all six faces be selectable separately. On other sense I will be creating a DzNode which will be attached with a DzFacetMesh which will hold the vertices of the cube. Now I want to add DzMaterialFaceGroup which will make the faces selectable.

I have written some portion of the codes, but it now working. I am not able to select the faces seperately. Please let me know the steps in detail.

Thanks In Advance
Anirban Talukdar


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    Your options are a
    1) DzSelectionSet, but that would only make sense really on a DzFigure or a DzLegacyFigure. It maps Faces to bones
    2) Polygon Selection Tool, then you can select any face you want. Although this is an advanced tool.

    Are you trying to select faces with the Polygons Selection Tool?

    Since you are talking about materials, are you saying that your material groups are not showing up in the Surfaces Pane?

    My guess is that you need to use DzFacetMesh::activateMaterial() when you are building your mesh.

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