Poser 8

I haven't looked at Poser since 2009, version 8! Will it work on Windows 10 with no problems? 


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    Poser 8 won't run on Windows 10.

    Poser 9 with the SR3 update will run on windows 10 as thats the last version Smith Micro fixed to work with an Internet Explorer update which broke the Poser library in Poser 8, 9 and 10

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  • Just a note: It's possble to fix the library problem issue with the update onself. It involves getting some installs from Adobe, though. However, it's not worth it, IMO, if one can upgrade. As for windows 10 combined with the adobe library problem, I can't speak to that combo. From experience, I fixed the Adobe Air issue, which was the Explorer Problem, in older versions of Poser that used it long before SM issued any fixes, but I wouldn't want to have to try to do that in Win10, not by a longshot. :)

  • Thanks, I did try running 8 on Win10. It installed but when youopened it, it crashed. So I upgraded. So much to re-learn. Oh and I actually stopped at v7. I had purchased v8 but never installed it.

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