Pumpkin Pie

I've been looking for a pumpkin pie for a render. And no I won't pay 29 dollars for the one at turbosquid....  But I would pay a reasonable amount for one.



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    With or without whipped cream?  Slices?

    Iray? 3DL?


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    a whole one?

  • Is that A whole pumpkin pie? Cool I will have to check that out. That's what I would like for iray

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    its an obj it has no materials etc I did UV map it though

    I just whipped it up in the Carrara vertex room

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    it sunk in the middle, I did not get enough air in the filling I think or maybe when I slammed the oven door peeking

    cut pie.zip
    pie slice.zip
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    I got the scaling on the cut one and slice way out too blush

    I used Mec4D shaders a sandstone and chocolate one and changed base colours

    1080 x 1080 - 515K
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    Coolnesses. :)


  • Yummy! This looks good thanks.

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    Okay, so like the fantastic pie. I put it in a beer tray colored it silver so it could have a pan. Ironically the pie shader itself is from a bone shader set! I just colored it orange. I then imbeded a cupcake in the top of the pie to give it some topping. LOL I wish the cherry was adjustable. It looks kinda puny. I'm on a lookout for another cupcake.

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  • th3Digitth3Digit Posts: 16,987

    clever thinking on the cupcake yes

  • MistaraMistara Posts: 27,319

    heart pumpkin pie

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    Guh! Now you've got me craving pumpkin pie. Unfortunately I must wait until tomorrow to indulge said craving since the supermarket's closed. But ... a cherry on the top? Of pumpkin? 

  • Yeah, the cherry doesn't look good... But I couldn't find any other whipped topping and it looked kind of naked on top of that pie without it. I'm a huge pumpkin pie fan, and love autumn in general and all its flavors so.... Wanted to have Boyd and Owen with a Pie. Although given Boyd's from the south he probably likes Sweet potato.

    I would really like a thing of whipped cream with some nutmeg on top.

    I Would really like a whipped cream canister as well. Can't find one anywhere.

    Anyone else has a suggestion on improving the pie, I'm all ears. I have no pie vanity whatsoever.

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    The free milkshakes from AllenArt on ShareCG have whipped cream. You can adjust the displacement to change the look, too.

  • It's funny of all the sites I have been to there are no pumpkin pies. Lots of cherry and lattice pies but no pumpkin... I am determined to get one working someday. Hopefully a pa will make one.


  • I can probably make the pumpkin pie for you and whipcream canister if like Serene.  Do you have a visual of how you like pie to look like?  I'm planning on making a fall render too.

  • Ooh now I am happy! Not only will I get to see a fall render with your handsome men but there is a potential for more pie!  heart

    I think the iconic pie is the best and most recognizable. It should be in a tin pan and have a pinched  type crust. This is a type of crust everyone can make and is widely seen

    This uncooked pie is the sort of iconic look. The slice is the appropriate color.  Any of these would work

    Any of these would work. Funny thing is finding images of whole pies was a bit hard. Most are sliced or cut in some way 

    1093 x 1144 - 153K
    1536 x 1510 - 285K
    1536 x 1025 - 256K
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    :drools and whimpers: Supermarket was all out of pumpkin pie. They had only a few apple and berry left but none were appealing so I had to console myself with some dark orange chocolate. Looking forward to some 3d pumpkin pie, I think Jake is drooling too. 

  • The claimjumper frozen pies are some of the best premade pies. Plus you get to smell them cooking which is nice. If you have them in the frozen food section they are worth trying.

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    Never heard of those. I don't think my local Dominion carries them. Though to be honest I never checked the frozen section, just went straight to their bakery. Mostly it's in-store baked or else Farmer's Market brand which is ready to eat. Good if you just can't wait on your pie to cook (like me blush) but on the down side you don't get that delicious pumpkin spice baking aroma.

  • I hear you, sometimes it is hard to wait. When I don't have time to make homeade I'm all over the store kind.

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    Here's a quick render of the pumpkin pie I made.  :P


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  • Wow that is seriously awesome. yes heart You should sell it. That's some serioulsy delicious looking pie! And love the whipped cream topping.

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    Pie is finish.  Added some nutmeg powder.  Some dramatic lighting lols.

    1016 x 572 - 55K
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  • Wow! Super impressive! You should market that awesome prop! I would buy it for sure 

  • Nice looking pie! My Mom would be envious, LOL

  • ByrdieByrdie Posts: 1,340

    Still no pumpkin pie in my fridge. This thread is pure torture. crying

    (I shall have to console myself with more dark chocolate and shopping the PA Catch-Up sale.)
  • MistaraMistara Posts: 27,319

    Wow! Super impressive! You should market that awesome prop! I would buy it for sure 


    mebbe a slice with a chomp in it?

    a fork full of bite?

  • ByrdieByrdie Posts: 1,340

    Excellent suggestions. Meanwhile, I am happy to report there is now a great big Farmer's Market pie in my fridge for dessert tonight. Pumpkin, of course. My tastebuds are already doing the Snoopy Dance of Joy. laugh

  • Yummmie! Where is your fall render Byrdie?

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