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One thing I have observed about many software installations is that they do NOT respect certain Windows 7 settings.

My pet peeve is not respecting the relocation of certain "standard" folders that Windows 7 allows.

Example - the Public Documents folder can be relocated - select the folder and examine the properties dialog. If you are in the actual current folder you will see a tab labeled "Location".

I have Windows installed on a small SSD (as drive C) and a large HD as drive D. Thus I have to be selective about what is placed on the SSD.

So I have many of the standard folders relocated to drive D.

It is really a pain when an installer comes along and ignores the relocation and makes a new folder (or folders) in the default location on drive C.

Windows 7 ALLOWS for relocation and installation programs OUGHT to respect the relocation. Things often don't work right when you have some of the standard folders relocated and "bogus" versions get created in the default locations.

So how about getting the writers of the installation "programs" to handle this correctly?


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