Carrara 8 to Unity export problem (absolute transform)

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Hi all,

I recently bought Carrara 8 with the hope of being able to use it to create assets to use with the Unity Game Engine. Since I'm somewhat familiar with Carrara's animation tools, I thought it would be great. I am relying on Carrara's Collada and FBX export to bring my animated models into Unity. So far, I have not been able to.

When I export a model using FBX format, and import into Unity, the object acquires "permanent" Transform values that cannot be changed inside Unity, so no matter where on the scene I place my object, at runtime, it goes back to the preset location. Affecting the object's transform coordinates with Unity's programming does not affect it, either.

If instead I export the object using Collada, none of the object's actual geometry is exported, even though it is selected in Carrara at export time.

Has anyone been able to successfully bring a model made in Carrara into Unity using these exporters? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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