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I use Poser Pro 11.

I also use Genesis and Genesis 2.

I had a hard drive crash and am trying to recreate some scenes but I seem to be missing some content.

I can't find my Heracles for Genesis nor Mr. Hyde.  As far as I can tell, neither came with Companion files.  I must've created the files myself but it's been years.

Shouldn't Heracles armor and Mr. Hyde being located in my DAZ runtime along with the rest of my Genesis content that is available via DSON.  I've added the content/runtime to my list of available runtimes but at least those two items aren't there.

The DIM manages my DAZ content. I, of course, manage my Poser content.

Any suggestions as to how to get Mr. Hyde and that Heracles armor back into my Poser accessible runtime?


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    You can load Mr Hyde from a morph dial on the Genesis body under > Actor > Fantasy SciFi


    To make the Poser Companion files for Mr Hyde is a bit different as Daz Studio now won't make Poser Companion files for the dsf file type used by MR Hyde or the Heracles for Genesis item that you mentioned - Possibly changed when Daz started using duf files - to get around this -

    In Daz Studio

    Load Mr Hyde from - Presets - Characters - Mr Hyde for Genesis.

    Then got to - File - Save As - Scene SubSet.

    Save the file to your Daz Runtime as something like MrHyde Poser under - People - Genesis - Characters - smay.

    Now open the Content Library tab and go to - People - Genesis - Characters - smay.

    Single mouse click on MRHyde Poser.

    Either left mouse click on the on the Active Pane Options arrow - or right click on the ContentLibrary tab and select - Create Poser Companion Files.

    the Create Poser Companion Files dialog box will open.

    check the Destination Poser Formats Base Path - and change Use this library and file extension to Figures - Cr2.

    Click Accept.


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    Note to add

    To use the Red, Green, White and Blue Materials plus their Vein maps you would need to load them on to Mr Hyde in Daz Studio one at a time and resave them as Material Presets first (duf files) and then make the Poser Companion files.

    The Materials can be found in > Smart Content - Presets - Materials - Mr Hyde For Genesis

    or under the > Content Library - People - Genesis - Materials - smay - MrHyde.

    Hope all that helps

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    Looks easy!  Those are Great Instructions.  I'll fire up Mr. Hyde and give him a go.  Then get to work on that armor.

    Thanks Adzan!

    By the way.  If you copy over the Texture file Poser seems to know how to find it and applies it.  At least Poser 9 did.  I'll have to see what Poser 11 does.

    It sounds like this procedure should work with my other DAZ files that came with no PCF.  I'll have to figure out how to keep these figures when I upgrade to a newer Poser.  I lost my MKII starfighter too.  I hope this will work on that one as well.

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    Lovely.  Resource Error.  File does not exist.

    A quick look at my product library says that it DOES exist.

    What to do?


    Time to take it to Nuts and Bolts...

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    Okay!  The problem was linking to the new library location.  I had to move everything to another HD as the old died and took a lot of needed files with it.  I got the DIM to open, noted the location where I told it to install the files and then changed it in DS.  Time to proceed.

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    Everything went as you said.  The only problem is the destination path.  I can't change to drop into my DAZ3D runtime.  However, I can save it to that runtime. Is there a way to change that path?

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    The Heracles Outfit is already in DUF format but DS says it can't make the PCF files because of the location of the source files.

    What to do?

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    I'm not really sure I understand the questions.

    To change the path?

    The runtime path is set up in Dim using the configuration Cog - top right hand side - Settings - Installation - you can add or change runtime locations under the Labels list using the + and - key -  .

    If the database has been broken in Daz Studio i'm not sure how you would go about fixing it - the most I've ever done was clean up the database with Content Database Maintenance tool when I change my hard drive to a SSD -

    Start Daz Studio - right click on Smart Content - select Content Database Maintenance - and select the option that apply >> choose wisely - as 'reset database' would remove any custom entires


    I'm just wondering if you'll get better advice if you asked the Daz specific questions in the Daz Studio forum - more people will see your questions there and they will know far more about fixing Daz Studio

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    Here's the original thread for Mr Hyde your first time around:

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